Ideas For Decorating An Outdoor Wedding

With a fair bit of ingenuity and planning, you can turn your outdoor wedding into that perfect combination of romance and beauty. The advantage of planning to hold your wedding reception outdoors is that you will already have a natural reception hall that won’t need extravagant décor to make it stand out. There are many considerations that will claim priority when it comes to outfitting a simple wedding, and saving money is only one of them. However, you can still have an elegant and attractive wedding at your outdoor venue with these simple but effective ideas.

Deploy floral

Not only are floral arrangements infinitely versatile, they can help you complement your outdoor theme and even add a pop of color among the greenery. If you planning on doing the flower arrangements yourself to cut costs, you should keep it simple but colourful. If you do to contact a reputed Flower Avenue for the awesome arrangements, make sure that you instruct them to keep the design simple.

A wedding florist can also ensure that you can afford to be more intricate with the design itself, while still keeping to a simple color scheme so that you do not add confusion to the ambiance. If the venue is already well stocked with flowers and greenery, you can opt for a softer color scheme when it comes to your floral centerpieces and décor. You can also opt to complement your floral with small details that can add to the color scheme; use interesting looking vases or customized tin pails to put your flowers in, or use colored pebbles around your centerpieces to add texture to your décor.

Use muted table linens

The best way to complement your colourful floral arrangements is to use simple but elegant table and other linens. You can substitute chair covers with a simple tulle bow on the back. Additionally, keeping your table linens neutral will help to draw more attention to the centerpieces, and will also mean less work for you overall. However, if you want to add more color and texture to the table, you can place table runners that fit your color scheme. For an outdoor wedding, the table linens that would work best are different shades of light pink, ivory, or even green. Make sure that your table linens match your décor while blending seamlessly into the outdoor setting.

Soft accent lighting

Highlight the best aspects of your venue with soft, romantic lighting that adds to the ambience; you can use candles to add this special effect with ease. Candles can illuminate the centrepiece while giving off a whimsical vibe to the entire table. These are also versatile design elements, since you can vary the candle holders depending on the rest of the décor. For instance, you can have floating candles in a bowl of water, or create candle holders out of lace doilies for that rustic, bohemian look.